CoNET changed everything

Online Surveillance have 3 key points

  • Source IP address
  • Destination IP address
  • Content

“Stealth Internet” Infrastructure

The communication between client and server uses wallet address. CNT uses obfuscation technology based on HTML protocol to hide communication. Server and client are inherently anonymous.

Web3.0 Infrastructure

Stablecoin-driven Web 3.0 Infrastructure. Decentralization cloud computing with dollar-settled common participants as suppliers. “Stealth Internet” returns the freedom for web3.0


Stealth, ultra-fast, stablecoin-backed, micropayment-enabled, decentralized CBDC-driven payment system.

Non Fungible Assets

NFT copyright sales system let it closely linked to the digital assets. Decentralized trusted NFT social value based on its history.

Safe Box

Clients use independent sandboxing techniques, outbound data is encrypted and traffic obfuscation techniques are used.

Friendly dAPP Developer’s Environment

Friendly HTML+Javascript development environment. A single code-based cross-platform with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Censorship-resistant NFA-based APP store.


Stealth, ultra-fast, stablecoin-backed, micropayment-enabled, Issue by decentralized CBDC

CNTCash is unconventional cryptocurrencies that is designed to maintain a steady value pegged to an US dollar that is more stable, and that plays an important role in the CoNET network. It allows CoNET service providers to calculate operating costs, expected revenue, and users to specify usage costs, providing a fair environment that satisfies all participants.

Single-Code Based Friendly dAPP Developer’s Environment

A powerful developer platform, developers can develop, debug and deploy dAPP based on CNT privacy network using HTML and Javascript without special knowledge.

Decentralized dAPP store based on NFA

CNT provides a decentralized dAPP Store, which has no censorship, and the developer’s project can be searched and installed to the client by the CNT platform at any time. The developer project is also an NFT, which provides a social value, including sales revenue, comments, likes, rights distribution, and facilitates investors and customers to obtain your correct value. Projects can earn sales revenue through CNTCash priced in USD.

Innate in Digital Privacy

CNT Returns the Data Privacy Right to Users

Whether Network Communication or Encrypt Currency Transfer or use the client platform in Dirty Operating System.

CNT Distributed Ledger (CNT-Cs)

A clustered distributed ledger system, which consists of a ledger creator, multiple ledger witnesses, and random ledger verifiers to form a ledger maintenance group. Consensus mechanism is proof of stake. It has the same un-modifiability as the blockchain.

Web3.0 Infrastructure

Built on Decentralized Computing

Decentralized Cloud

Decentralization cloud computing with dollar-settled common participants as suppliers. Empower people and organizations to earn and save through cheaper, accessible, and sustainable computing by utilizing spare capacity.

Mine US dollar based Crypto with Laptop

Decentralized Computing,  Networking, Storage, Gateway, Cloud Environment Application, virtual machine