Why Now?

Internet Problems

Censorship & Surveillance & Restriction & Filtering

Internet filtering and censorship is increasing around the world in scope and depth. It is a burden for businesses and that is creating market distortion.

Privacy & Security

Now more than ever, as our digital footprints grow exponentially, we need to take personal action to preserve our online freedoms. Why? The Internet benefits and belongs to all of us — thus it is our joint responsibility to protect it.

The benefits of the Web have, of course, come at some cost, one of which is a loss of privacy. We are also more vulnerable to data breaches and identity fraud.

Why now? VPN & Tor crackdown

Most of today’s censorship circumvention tools use the same fundamental approach: they encrypt the user’s traffic to make it look innocuous, and channel it to a proxy server located outside the censored network. This leads to a fundamental problem: Once the censor discovers the proxy server, the proxy itself becomes just another site to block. If users can find the proxy servers, the censors can too.


About CoNET

CoNET’s goal is:
  • Circumvent online censorship and surveillance
  • Security from danger or threat online
  • Access to the internet Anonymously
  • Bypass Restriction and Filtering
  • Protect server from DDoS attack

CoNET design to build global network of interconnected computer within the internet that use the email protocol suite (SMTP & IMAP) via third party mail server to link devices worldwide.

Node connected to CoNET network through public email servers. CoNET do not provide email server let node to connecting. This provides a higher level of reliability and redundancy to the network itself. Node doing encrypted communication in CoNET based on standard IMAP protocol. Network monitor is hard to find out different about normal mail and CoNET communication email.

Build, Control & Secure A Hybrid Infrastructure in the CoNET

CoNET IaaS Service

Free from VPN

CoNET Platform


CoNET platform as product of CoNET provides a series of services that allows users to improve their security, privacy and freedom on the Internet. CoNET platform also provide a local DNS server.

The CoGate

Advanced private custom gateway service. It will startup a local proxy server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from CoNET gateway server after connected CoNET gateway server. CoGate disguise the VPN traffic looks like IMAP or HTTP protocol, Ability to pass thru undetectable firewalls while providing secure and private access to the open internet, anywhere in the world.

IPs don’t stay the same, they automatically refresh every 2 hours. No one stays on a website all day. Make it look like users are surfing and further help bypass detection.

Using multiple gateways helps to further obfuscate traffic and disguise bandwidth from monitoring, by dispersing data over 2 or more IPs (up to 8). This helps evade detection by disguising user’s traffic to look like visiting multiple sites.

The CoBox

Private data storing allow user to store encrypted and shared files append draft message to email space. it may use multiple email space.

The CoMsg

A Twitter-Style social media powered by next-generation cryptography, crypto-economic incentive mechanisms and secured by the blockchain, End-to-End encrypted message.

The CoNewsChannel

News Channels is APP for popular news paper include BBC, USA Today, NYTime and more.

The CoMail

Mail client on CoNET allows user keep their anonymous to access mailbox, send and receive OpenPGP encrypted email, it support IMAP and SMTP protocol.

Co for Twitter

Twitter client allowing user access Twitter keep anonymous, doing End-To-End encrypted Twitter message, user reach Twitter who may live in a area that restricted access to Twitter.

Co for Google

Google search client allowing user access Google search keep anonymous user reach Google search who may live in a area that restricted access to Google.

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